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Planning a Business Move

If you’re ready to make the move into Medway, either on a business park or new premises, the planning process can mean considering more than just the space.  

We spoke to local Relocation Expert, Jeremy Chandar at Bournes, who shared some top tips on getting ready to relocate. 

Top Tip 1: Project Plan  

Start with a project plan. This will ensure you are clear about all the milestones you need to achieve.  Planning each stage, which can be as simple as listing out what needs to done and by when, will help you keep on track and save last minute hiccups.  

Top Tip 2: Speak to a relocation team as early as possible 

Even before you have a move-in date you should engage with relocation or removal companies. They will be able to provisionally book you in and advise you on an outline cost, timescales, and inventory information they will need.  

Having a full inventory is essential if you are moving lots of specialist equipment, machinery or plant. Larger lorries, forklifts and extra packing will be required so it is extremely wise to plan ahead.  

Top Tip 3: Customer Service  

Do make sure that you check what is included in any relocation package that you sign up for.  Bournes have a set cost which is inclusive of a helpline. This means staff can call with a query at any time. Our customers tell us that this part of the service was invaluable and really eased the transition process for relocating staff. Some companies may charge a lower up-front cost but then you’ll be charged an hourly rate for extra services, so check what services you think you will need prior to signing any agreements.  

Top Tip 4: Warehousing & Storage 

To ease the transition from one space to another, warehousing and storage can help. This will depend on the type of business you have and what you are moving but consider how much you can put in storage in advance so on ‘move day’ only essential equipment becomes the priority.  

Top Tip 5: People First 

By far the biggest area of consideration is for your staff. Whilst a relocation for some could mean a slightly longer commute to work, others will have to relocate not only their jobs, but their home and families as well.  

Help them settle more quickly by having ‘Look See’ days so they can explore the new area and discover what is on offer for them. This can include availability of homes, school places and leisure activities.  

Helping overseas staff set up UK bank accounts, utilities and ‘life admin’ will mean they get to grips with their new surroundings much quicker and avoid feeling home sick.  

Top Tip 6: Tax & Immigration 

If you are relocating staff from overseas, then DO make sure you have a tax and immigration specialist as part of your relocation team. This area is the main cause of most relocation issues so make sure the paperwork is in hand well in advance.  

Finally, do make sure any removal or relocation companies hold the appropriate professional qualifications (e.g. Members of the British Association of Removals) so you can be sure of their quality standards, for example that they employ DBS checked crews, their vehicles have the correct emissions requirements and everyone who is handling your move is fully trained. 

For information about the opportunity available for companies looking for space at IPM contact us today.  

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