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IPM is a prime development in North Kent which offers over 60,000M2 of high quality, innovative commercial space.

A sense of place

Innovation Park Medway is the new home for businesses working in technology, precision engineering, manufacturing, and highly skilled support services.

With excellent transport links, a skilled local workforce and the chance for businesses to grow in a like-minded and innovative environment this park is set to create an abundance of business opportunities.

Located within a vibrant community including collaboration hubs and unique outdoor spaces you can grow your business in one of the 34 plots available at this new business park that is anything but ordinary.

Runway Park

At the centre of IPM (northern site), Runway Park will be an innovation in engineering and landscape architecture.

With atmospheric lighting creating an attractive and functional outdoor space for collaboration.

The park will bring businesses and individuals together in the public realm to foster an innovative spirit.

IPM also has the potential to offer state-of-the-art meeting and conference space and business facilities.

A park with vision

Innovation Park Medway will offer over 60,000m2 of high quality, innovative commercial space in a prime location between London and the continent. Innovation Park Medway will be a magnet for high value technology, engineering, manufacturing and knowledge intensive businesses looking to grow in the South East.

Joining the 14,000 businesses which have already made Medway their home. Part of the North Kent enterprise zone, the site will offer access to world-class research and development and highly skilled talent through the cluster of Kent and Medway based universities.’

Unrivalled Design

With a choice of purchase and lease options and with planning in place, you’ll find flexible business units to match your growth and ambition.

To ensure a high-quality design that enhances the brand values and identity for the whole IPM site there are set design codes in place and a Local Development Order offers the benefit of a quicker and less costly planning permission process.  

Key Features

  • Excellent facilities with ‘google’ style high quality collaboration hubs
  • Healthy and inspirational place to work offering unique outdoor green spaces with a strong focus on wellbeing and community
  • Design code assurance and planning in place so the build out can support fast growing businesses (turnkey or build out)
  • Choice of purchase and lease options offering flexible business space to match growth and ambition
  • Entry criteria to ensure all tenants meet the set business requirements E(g) and B2

Grab your opportunity

Interested businesses should grab the opportunity now to speak to us about their requirements. All enquiries please use the contact form. 

The Government’s Local Growth Fund has invested over £8m through the South East Local Enterprise Partnership to bring forward Innovation Park Medway, and thus are striving toward goals of:

  • creating a unique, mixed business environment
  • increasing the amount of high-quality employment in the area
  • retaining local talent, knowledge and skills, supporting the growth of new and existing businesses
  • delivering the infrastructure needed for businesses to succeed
  • nurturing the businesses in the science and technology sectors
  • establishing a truly mixed and vibrant local economy
  • giving businesses access to high quality research and development and partnership opportunities with the 4 local universities

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